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About Us

Green Earth International is wholly owned by Mr Manish Kajaria. We have been exporting all our products to the Globe for the last 20 years. Our major clients are wholesalers, distributors, stockiest, chain stores, promotion companies, individuals and boutiques.

Beyond the bag

we take the integrity of our bags very seriously

We supply some of the large companies, including Tesco, Nestle, ASDA, Novartis, Lindtt, Sandoz, etc. Like ourselves, these companies have very high ethical standards that have to be met.

our facilities have ethical and technical audits
Independent  auditors audit our factories each year to ensure that the ethical standards are meeting the ETI Base Code, the worldwide standard for ethical production.We are SA 8000 certified that makes sure that we follow the highest standards for social accountability in the world.

our audit results are loaded onto the worldwide SEDEX system
The use of SEDEX allows retailers access to our audits, status etc.  It is open, honest and transparent.  Like most people, we are not perfect, but we’d like to be.  We are constantly striving to improve our standards.

If you are on the SEDEX system we can add your account so that you can access and view our detailed audit documents.

ethical production is very important
We have a responsibility to our customers, but we have a larger responsibility to our workers.  Ensuring that they are paid a fair wage, and work in the best conditions is very important to us.

Social Responsibility
Our bags provide a solution to one of the world's major issues, disposable bags.  It is something that we can all engage in, and all we have to is remember to take them with us when we go shopping.

When factors such as reusability, sustainability as well as carbon and water footprints are considered, jute performs the best in every category, making it the most socially-responsible and ecologically-friendly alternative in reusable bags, as outlined in the table below:

One of the key ecological benefits of our bags is their reusability.  With a life of approximately 3-4 years, each bag replaces the need for around 600 bags, which in turn stops the production of kilos of Co2. Green Earth  has worked with our customers to produce millions of bags, thereby playing a huge part in the drive to reduce landfill waste.

Unlike plastic, jute is a sustainable natural product, and in terms of production is the second most important natural fibre in the world. The growing process is predominately manual.  Requiring very little help to grow, it is used in a crop rotation system with rice/vegetables, providing the farmers with a profitable crop all year round.  All of the plant it used – the leaves for food, the husk for firewood, and the pith to make the fibre.

Description: http://www.jutexpo.co.uk/IMAGES/leaf_bullet_small.jpgethically sustainable - the jute industry in India, the biggest in the world, provides direct employment to about 0.26 million workers and supports the livelihood of around 4 million farm families.
Description: http://www.jutexpo.co.uk/IMAGES/leaf_bullet_small.jpgecologically sustainable – it is estimated that there is enough jute in the world to provide everyone with 2 jute bags.

carbon footprint
Detailed carbon footprint models have confirmed jute bags as having one of the lowest carbon footprints of all available reusable bags, largely due to the manual processes involved in their production.  As part of the JP Morgan Climate Care initiative, (www.jpmorganclimatecare.com), we offset our carbon footprint, which covers all emissions from farm to final customer, by helping fund renewable energy and energy-efficient projects.  This means all our bags are carbon neutral. 

water footprint
The water footprint is one of the most impressive environmental aspects of our bags.  Jute has one of the lowest water footprints of any materials used in reusable bags as it is one of the lowest users of fertilisers, is largely red-fed and does not rely on irrigation.  Unlike bleached and dyed cotton, jute is untreated in its natural state.

Quality and Trust
The most important part of our business are our customers.  Ensuring that our customers get exactly what they want, which is a quality product, means we have to treat their brand with the highest levels of trust and integrity.

IS0 9001:2008 QMS ENSURES THAT EACH PROCESS IS MONITORED AND DOCUMENTED. Which rules out common flaws in production.

We take this issue very seriously and have Occupational Health & Safety management System in place. We are OHSAS 18001 certified which ensures that occupational hazards are eliminated and the health of the workers are monitored by regular health checkups.

We secure the present and future of our workers.  Health Insurance for them and their family is provided, which covers any illness & maternity needs. We also make sure that their future is secured and provide to our work force with a compulsory PROVIDENT FUND benefit which is equivalent to 13% of their wages which is deposited on a monthly basis as extra benefit from the management.

This fund is accumulated in the workers name with the Government of India and the accumulated fund is available as a retirement/termination benefit.